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David E. Carter

International Branding Consulting: Branding work extended to clients in Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Helsinki, Caracas, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok.

TV Commercials: Over 700 TV spots for a national client base, including LA, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Miscellaneous: Founded the MIckey Mantle-Whitey Ford Fantasy Baseball Camp.

Sanibel documentaries:

  1. Growing Up on Sanibel - 2014

  2. 7 Sanibel Artists - 2015

  3. Sanibel Before the Causeway - 2016

  4. Postcards & Photos from Sanibel - 2017

  5. Postcards & Photos Sanibel - Sequel - 2018

Baseball Hall of Fame:

  1. “Dear Baseball, I Love You” on permanent exhibition at Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

  2. “Ashland’s Field of Dreams” on permanent exhibition at Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

TV Programming: Created 4 documentaries that ran on PBS stations. Produced 13 comedy sketches for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Seven-time Emmy Award winner.

Advertising:  Ad agency was rated in the

top 5% by the AAAA. National client base, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.

Corporate Identity Consulting: Over 300 clients, creating or refining corporate logos, branding, and messaging.

Direct Mail: Six-time winner of the Direct Marketing Association’s ECHO award, (the Oscar of the direct mail industry).

Creativity, Inc.

Education: BA, University of Kentucky.

MS, Ohio University School of Journalism.

MBA, Syracuse University.

OPM, Harvard Business School.

Books: Wrote or edited over 100 books on

advertising, logos, creativity and graphic design became the best-selling books in that category.

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